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STEP 1: Build Your Punch Card

Creating your Mobile Wallet Punch Card is simple with your cloud based platform. Build Punch Cards for your clients in minutes or allow them to build and manage it themselves under your own brand!

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STEP 2: Distribute The Punch Card

Customers can easily download your Punch Card to their Mobile Wallet on their iPhone, Android or Windows phone by clicking a URL, scanning a QR code, tapping an NFC Tag, or by clicking an SMS link.

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STEP 3: GPS & Beacon Notifications

Customers who’ve downloaded your Punch Card will get a custom lock screen notification when they come within a certain defined area of your city or in-store with the use of Beacons. This acts as a gentle reminder to customers to come visit the business and get rewarded for doing so.

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STEP 4: Customer Scans Punch Card

Business owner or staff can securely validate the Punch Card and award an additional "Punch" that’s instantly added to the customer's Mobile Wallet Punch Card. No more carrying around “old school” paper or plastic Punch Cards.

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STEP 5: Reward Loyal Customers

Once a customer has reached the campaign goal, they receive a mobile reward in their mobile wallet , such as a Free Coffee, which they can easily redeem at the point of sale. The business owner is content because the transaction was accurate and secure and the customers leave happy after being rewarded for their loyalty.

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MobiPunch works with native wallet apps so customers don’t need to download a separate loyalty app.
Loyalty Punch Card programs can increase customer spend by over 10% giving your client more revenue.
Customers love being rewarded for their loyalty - There’s no better way to keep your customers happy.
Our validation app helps eliminate fraud and can be used on any smartphone by the business owner or staff.
Learn who are the most loyal and valuable customers with built in analytics and data. 
Grow your own Mobile Wallet Punch Card platform and create an unlimited amount of campaigns for an affordable price.
Punch Card programs give your client’s customers added incentive to come back and shop again.
Reward your clients customers and use cutting edge technology to get a step above your clients competition.
MobiPunch is a White Label system which allows your clients to log in to manage their Mobile Wallet Punch Card Campaigns under your own brand.
Grow your own Mobile Wallet Punch Card platform under your company's brand.
MobiPunch works on all major smart phones including iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.
Automatically trigger push notifications when Punch Card holders visit a specific location.
Easily set up in-store Beacon notifications with custom lock screen messages.
Updates can be made in real-time, pushed directly to customers who have the Punch Card in their Mobile Wallet.
Customers can add Punch Cards to their Mobile Wallet by URL, SMS, tapping an NFC tag, or scanning a QR Code.
MobiPunch is a cloud based system that works anywhere in the world. Create Punch Card loyalty in your city today!
Learn how to build Punch Cards in minutes and the strategies you need to sell Mobile Wallet Punch Card Solutions.
Compatible with all major Smartphones, including:
Nobody Wants To Download Another Loyalty App!
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  • Strategic custom messages to Punch Card participants
  • Sending customers in-store push notifications
  • Deliver a better customer experience
  • Increase brand awareness and build relationships 
What Are Beacons?

Beacons can be compared to a lighthouse. Lighthouses constantly send out light signals to ships to help them know how to get to their destination safely. Similarly, beacons constantly send out a broadcast radio signal that allow compatible devices to detect these signals and understand what is nearby.

Shift Engagement Into Overdrive With In-Store Beacons

MobiPunch has partnered with Estimote a global leader in beacon technology.  Direct integration between MobiPunch and Estimote beacons makes adding-in store push notifications to your Punch Cards a super simple set-up.  

Imagine a customer entering a store and being gently reminded by a push notification on their smartphone to get another punch on their Punch Card.  Did we mention this works on both iPhone AND Android?

Get Inside Your Customer's Wallet With Mobile Punch Cards!
MobiPunch Packages Include:
Access to Cloud Platform

The MobiPunch platform is cloud based and works anywhere in the world.  You have the ability to customize the MobiPunch platform under your own brand so your clients can log in and manage their own Punch Card campaigns.  Create Mobile Wallet Punch Cards, view analytics, export contacts, create mobile rewards, tiered offers and so much more.

Punch Card Training Sessions

Some of the topics covered during the webinar training include:

  • Marketing Material Overview
  • Setting Up Your Account
  • How To Create Mobile Wallet Punch Cards
  • Enabling Geo-Fencing & Beacons
  • Selling Strategies
  • Understanding Key Benefits And Selling Points
  • How To Price Your Mobile Wallet Punch Card Services
  • Standing Out From The Competition
  • Geo-Fencing & Beacon Integration Best Practices
  • Understanding Geo-Fencing 101
  • The Importance Of Beacon Placement
  • Effective In-Store Beacon Notification Examples
Estimote Beacons

Included with the MobiPunch Agency White Label Package are your own Estimote beacons that you can use for in-store engagement for your clients.  MobiPunch has teamed up with Estimote, the leader in Beacon technology to give you an easy to use reliable way to offer in-store push notifications to your Punch Card holders.

Professional Done-For-You Sales Funnel

MobiPunch has teamed up with ClickFunnels to bring you a Done-For-You funnel including Landing Page design, lead capture, follow-up sequence, pricing table and Thank You Page.  With a one click installation into your own ClickFunnel account you can be customizing and setting up your funnel in minutes.  Don’t have a ClickFunnels account?  All content and graphics are available for download to include on your existing website.

2 Page Walk-In Flyer

Download a fully customizable two page walk-in flyer template that you can fully edit to help you explain how Mobile Wallet Punch Cards will benefits your clients businesses.  This is a great “leave behind” after a meeting or can be used for a direct mail campaign. Full source file and graphics are included in Microsoft Word.

In-Store Poster Templates

Professionally designed posters to use for in store signage to help your customers promote their Mobile Punch Card loyalty programs to their customers.  Full source files are included so you can easily edit the design and customize it for your clients. Can also be used as an up-sell for your own services.

Fully Designed PowerPoint Presentaiton

A full Mobile Wallet Punch Card presentation to help present the concept to potential prospects.  This PowerPoint presentation is a great addition to your sales process to help your clients understand the power of Mobile Wallet Punch Card loyalty programs.  Full source files included for individual customization and branding.

Professional Proposal

A professional proposal for you to use to close deals and show your clients exactly what you will be delivering to them.  This proposal has been used to close Mobile Wallet Punch Card deals and can be customized to include other services you may want to upsell to your clients.  Full Microsoft Word source files are included for you to fully brand and customize.

Educational Case Studies

Download a collection of Case Studies to understand how to price and position your Mobile Wallet Punch Card services.  These Case Studies focus on specific niche markets to give you a good foundation to learn the problems local businesses face and how Mobile Wallet Punch Cards can fix those problems for your clients.

Cold Calling Scripts

Do you have trouble writing effective Cold Calling scripts?  We’ve taken the stress out of this by giving you proven scripts that you and your sales team can use to get your foot in the door with local businesses to sell Mobile Wallet Punch Card solutions.  Full source files are included for you to easily modify to suit your sales objectives.

Email Lead Generation Templates

Email is a great door opener to set up meetings for your Mobile Wallet Punch Card services however you need a properly written and formatted email that grabs your prospects attention right away.  Our professional copywriters have created you a series of email templates that you can use to help generate more meetings for your business.

Private Facebook Group

Join a group of global MobiPunch members and network with other mobile marketers offering Mobile Wallet Loyalty Punch Card solutions.  The group is a place where everyone can share ideas and see what strategies are working best in local markets around the world.

Round The Clock Support

We understand the importance of having a solid support structure to help build your business.

Reach out to our support team at anytime for assistance with your MobiPunch campaigns and our team is standing by ready to help you.

Get Started Now Before The Price Goes Up...
Software Starter Package


10,000 Punch Cards
10 Pass Certificate IDs
  • Limited Punches & Pass Updates
  • Limited Push Notifications
  • MobiPunch Designer Access                                 (single user login)
  • Customer Loyalty Center
  • Mobile Validation and Redemption
  • Geo-Fencing Support (GPS)
  • Beacon Support (Bluetooth)
  • Real-Time Engagement Analytics
  • Data Reports & Exports
  • Support Desk & Knowledge Base
White Label Package


UNLIMITED Pass Certficate IDs
  • Unlimited Punches & Pass Updates
  • Unlimited Custom Push Notifications
  • White Label Punch Card Designer (www.yourdomain.com)
  • Customer Loyalty Center
  • Mobile Validation and Redemption
  • Geo-Fencing Support (GPS)
  • Beacon Support (Bluetooth)
  • Real-Time Engagement Analytics
  • Data Reports & Exports
  • Support Desk & Knowledge Base
  • Done-For-You Landing Page Funnel
  • Template Manager
  • 2 Page Walk-In Flyer
  • PowerPoint Presentaiton
  • Professional Sales Proposal
  • Lead Generation Email Templates
  • In-Store Poster Templates
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Live Training Workshops
  • Educational Case Studies
  • 100% White Label Cloud Platform
  • Custom Logo & Branded Interface
  • Unlimited Sub Users (Client Access)
  • Custom Domain with SSL (https://www.yourdomain.com)
  • Custom Distribution URL (www.yourdomain.com/passid)
  • API Access, Zapier & CRM Integration (Unlimited API Calls)
  • + 2 FREE Estimote Beacons ($70 Value)
Questions? We've Got Answers
Does this work on all phones?
YES! MobiPunch works on all major smartphones including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry, even other devices like iPad, iPod and more, allowing you to offer a universal Mobile Wallet Punch Card solution.
Do customers need to download a separate app?
NO! Customers do not need to download a special app, this will work natively with Apple Wallet and all other smartphone Mobile Wallet apps
Is this secure, can customers cheat the system?
NO! Customers cannot validate their own Punch Cards. Only approved smartphones can securely validate Punch Cards by simply scanning the Punch Card on the customer's phone.
Does this work in my country?
YES! MobiPunch is a cloud based platform that works anywhere in the world that has accessible internet.
What languages are available?
Currently Punch Cards can be created in: English, French, German, Spanish and Hebrew, if you don’t see your language, simply contact support and we can add it for you!
Can I White Label this platform under my company's brand?
YES! You can easily customize the platform branding to reflect your company’s logo. Your clients will think the platform is yours. (Reseller/Agency Plans only)
Can my clients login and manage their own Punch Card programs?
YES!  Your clients can login under your own brand and manage their own campaigns. (Reseller/Agency Plans only)
Does this work with Geo-fencing?
YES!  You can set up GPS “regions” throughout your city where custom notifications will be displayed when Punch Card holders enter these pre-defined areas.
Does MobiPunch integrate with Beacons?
YES!  MobiPunch allows you to add beacons with custom messages for in-store notifications and increased customer engagement.
Can I make the Punch Card custom branded for my clients?
YES!  You can customize a number of elements on the actual Punch Card to make it unique for your clients.
Can I update passes in real-time?
YES! Punch Cards can be changed in real time and additional offers for your customers to take advantage of can be added instantly without having to reinstall the Punch Card.
Can I use my own Apple Developer Account?
YES!  You can use our shared Pass Types but it is highly recommended that you use your own Pass Type ID for each Punch Card you create for your clients using MobiPunch.  The platform has an easy Wizard to create your Certificate IDs automatically with our Apple Developer integration.
What is an Apple Certificate ID?
It’s a certificate issued by Apple (kind of like an SSL). Every pass needs to have a Pass Type ID and needs to be protected by a digital signature created using a corresponding pass certificate. You can easily register for an Apple Developer account here.
Do I need a Certificate for each client?
Apple requires that anyone who issues a pass does so using their own Pass Type ID and corresponding pass certificate.
What is the difference between the Reseller and White Label Plans?
The main difference between the Reseller and White Label accounts is the ability to custom brand the URL of your platform and the Distribution URL of your Punch Cards. The White Label also allows for UNLIMITED sub-users, API access and 2 FREE Beacons shipped to your door.
Can I sell this service like my own branded SaaS?
Yes! Our White Label option is specifically designed to allow you to offer your own 100% custom branded Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, where you can bill your clients month-after-month for using your software.
If I start with an Entrepreneur or Reseller Plan, can I upgrade my account later?
Yes you can upgrade between accounts at anytime by contacting our support team.
How much are extra Punch Cards and Pass ID Certificates?
Additional Punch Cards can be purchased for an extra $100/mo which will get you 20,000 additional Punch Card Passes and 10 additional Pass Type IDs.
How much for extra beacons?
Extra Beacons cost approximately $40USD but only White Label partners get 2 FREE Estimote beacons when they get started.
What is the difference between LocalPass and MobiPunch?
LocalPass creates coupons, points passes, membership cards and tickets. MobiPunch allows you to create Mobile Wallet Punch Cards in an easier to use platform and has a White Label option which allows your customers to log in to manage their campaigns.
How much time do you guys need to setup the White Label accounts?
Agency White Label accounts are setup right away however the custom branding of your URL typically takes 2-5 business days to set up.
How do I integrate MobiPunch with MyWiFi?
There are a few different ways to integrate MobiPunch with MyWiFi. Redirect the thank you URL on your WiFi campaign to the Punch Card share URL or Agency White Labels can integrate MyWiFi and MobiPunch via Zapier.
Do customers have to install Apple Wallet on their phones?
Nope, Apple Wallet comes pre-installed on all the latest iPhones and iOS 6 and later devices.
Does this work on Android? Which Android Wallet software do you recommend?
Yes this works on Android. A great mobile wallet option for Android is Pass2U
Is the number of punch cards the total cards regardless of how many businesses sign up? 
The number of Punch Cards can be shared across as many businesses as you like within MobiPunch.
Can I also create regular passes?
Yes you can create regular custom Passes using MobiPunch that do not have Punch Card functionality. For example, all Offers are standard scannable coupons (not Punch Cards).
How do I make money with this? How much can I charge for this service?
Charging for your Mobile Wallet Punch Card solution varies however you can see this pricing table for some options on how you can price your service. 
How do I get customers?
Simple. Look for Local Businesses currently offering physical paper punch cards to their customers. Also, any business looking to increase loyalty, and typically has a recurring type of product or service. As part of our strategy session training we will cover different ways to attract new customers. Plus the Marketing materials and bonuses will help make selling your Mobile Wallet service EASY!
Who can I sell this to?
There are no shortage of local businesses who can benefit from a Punch Card program. Here is a list of a few options.
How do I handle a client that has paper cards already out there and they don't want to switch?
Explain to them the benefit of Mobile Wallet loyalty punch cards and how they will save money, eliminate fraud and engage their audience in a way that is not possible using the old paper punch cards.
How do we get customers to onboard for our clients? 
By setting up an easy to use distribution strategy including emails, SMS text message marketing and including QR codes on in-store posters and table tops will encourage customers to download the businesses Punch Card.
How much can I realistically expect to generate monthly per client?
It all depends on the client, but we recommend charging a one-time setup fee of anywhere between $300 to $2,500+, and monthly maintenance/service fees of minimum $200 to $1,000+ per month! Click here to see a sample case study for a Local Business.
How does the retailer scan the pass? What are the steps?
Retailers can scan the Punch Card using an iPhone and Android device which has the Pass Verifier app installed. You can also choose to validate Punch Cards with any scanning app using a mobile browser and PIN password. Lastly you can also add Punches directly in the Loyalty users Dashboard.
How are punches validated and verified so there is no punch fraud? 
When you use Pass Verifier your Scanning app is locked to the Punch Card so only that scanning device will be allowed to validate Punch Cards. You can also view analytics and metrics to identify any kind of Punch Card fraud.
Is it fast for the business owner to validate individual punches?
Validating Punch Cards happens in real time and only takes a few seconds.
What kind of phone or device do we need to validate the Punch Cards?
Pass Verifier works on iPhone and Android however you can use any scanning app when you choose Browser verification.   Devices you can use to Scan passes securely on site include iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, iPad and Bluetooth Scanner (with PC). If not using Pass Verifier, you can also use a Windows Phone and BlackBerry, then enter the 4-digit code when authenticating the Punch.
Can I use different Beacons other than Estimote?
Yes you can use any type of Beacon with MobiPunch. Estimote provides the easiest integration when setting up Beacons.
What needs to be turned on for Beacons to work?
In order for Beacons to notify Punch Card Holders they need to have their Bluetooth turned on.
Can multiple beacons have a different message for an available reward?
Yes you can attach multiple Beacons to your Punch and Reward cards with different messages based on the customer's proximity to the Beacon.
What is the radius range of Beacon notifications?
Estimote Beacons have a radius range of anywhere between 1 foot to 70 meters depending on how you customize the signal strength of the Beacon.
What is the radius range of GPS notifications?
GPS notifications have a radius range of approximately 100 meters.
Does a Punch Card need to be installed to get GPS and Beacon Notifications?
Yes GPS and Beacon notifications will only be sent to people who have downloaded and installed the Punch Card into their mobile wallet.
Will this work with in-store scanners?
Yes, but it depends on the type of scanner. You can use a number hand-held scanners in conjunction with the Dashboard Punch Card validation tool found in the Loyalty user account. Also, you can use any style barcode on your Offer Pass to allow any POS machine to scan in the discount. 
Can this be used at Trade Shows to businesses for the duration of show only?
Yes you could use Punch Cards as a great way to get trade show attendees to visit every booth. Each booth they visit they get a Punch. Once they reach the goal you can reward the attendee with a special offer.
Do you offer a payment plan?
If cash flow is an issue you can see our payment plan pricing here.
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